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thank. god. the unsettled egyptian town of port side even grinds to a halt engulfed in a new bulge of protest over the death sentences handed down to football fans after last year's fatal riot. i go door in president rafael correa blows away the opposition that easily winning reelection for third term possible good news for we could weeks months of mind joining us launch currently enjoying the latin american states protection. the tide of red jewels charities yury in spain as thousands of protesters flood the streets while some demonstrators vent their anger directly at the u.k. .
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we're watching our g. live from moscow with me to say it's good to have your company. they different city of port has been brought to a standstill by a mass protests initiated by football fans several thousand activists blocked access to local railway to and parts and force factories to shut down as well as a wave of under arrest in general by death sentences giving to twenty one football fans they were found guilty of inciting last year's riot that left more than seventy people did true has the latest from cairo. the ultra hardcore football fans who call these acts that we didn't have said they will escalate in the next few days if their demands a not match the story about three thousand people come to the streets of poor. basically show anger against the president the authorities they reportedly surrounded the governor building they managed to actually get government employees
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on science they stopped the harbor from working and even went to the telecom buildings this however was not just the ultras the hardcore football fans who were in both other sections go to there were students teachers who staged protests after the death of a young student over the past few weeks in clashes in court sorry and as i said government protests during dinner as well the so what we're seeing really is taking quite a step towards independence from the country expressing that this is stretching across different parts of the city what they're saying the reason that they're angry is on twenty six january there was this court verdict this or twenty one citizen sentenced to death after this deadly football massacre that happened last year in february and basically pushed i.e. to people are saying this is unfair in addition they're saying that the anger all of the security forces so the way that they reacted to protests by poor following this very contentious decision saw dozens die they said that this committee forces
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attacked the people of poor saif with live ammunition so a lot of the anger here is also got to do with the reaction of the security forces off the protests following this very contentious verdict as i said they will escalate in the next few days people are predicting violence and they want to continue to break the curfew which is on the city. continue these activists to b.b. and possibly bringing the city to a standstill for the next week. and a few minutes of freedom of speech of verses enties the medicine. the fire to freeze. has nothing to do with the violation of freedom of expression it is an american concept and it cannot be applied in france in the way it is understood in the us a sense a ship debate ignites in france after a court rules twitter must hand over private data of users allegedly posting hate speech. a landslide victory predicted by
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many like adore and president rafael correa has easily won reelection exit polls giving him a wide lead over his nearest challenger with around sixty percent of the vote the news all no doubt to be greeted with a sigh of relief from the world's top whistleblower julian a son who is currently under the country's diplomatic protection and london art is ill and i will injure reports from the ecuadorian capital of teater. it's been an easy victory for referer career. voters praise him for the massive social spending programs the rounds despite the global financial crisis but this isn't the only thing that makes korea stand out as a leader in the international arena here is taking a firm stance against the strong u.s. influence in south america pensions reached boiling poured in two thousand and eleven when he accused washington of meddling into the country's internal affairs and expelled its u.s. ambassador korea referred to wiki leaks cable as
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a proof of america infiltrated acworth police force this came just six months after the country was shaken by an attempted coup by police officers who blockaded korea in a hospital and occupied the national parliament last year the president entered the us even more by granting asylum to the world's most famous whistleblower julian assange was wanted in the states for the release of classified on the dramatic cables stange is now residing in ecuador is london embassy so another four years in powerful one of the most vocal american latin american leaders is good news for sun on the other hand it will definitely be a headache for washington is that weather is both to remain one of the major leftist powerhouses in latin america. political analysts adrian salvucci says that koreans victory is proof that strong n.t. u.s. sentiment in many latin american countries is a pro washington opposition struggling for support. public opinion throughout latin america has grown very weary with u.s. intervention and u.k.
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interventions throughout the continent which explains why countries like venezuela ecuador bolivia even argentina brazil are the crowd who are having the governments are keeping very much aloof or of arm's length from the united states i would say that the opposition hardly stands a chance of winning especially since most of them to a greater or lesser degree are pro-u.s. it is however a proof of life that it will do or is a relatively small country so that it does not have that much leverage but in the case of for example mr jr son no doubt that will continue that will mean a continued support for him and his extended stay at the editorial embassy in the united kingdom. china leapfrogs or the u.s. to become the world's top a trader triggering soul searching in america the one holding back business week that's coming up in just ten minutes time. french and u.s. legislation is colliding over
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a case of online hate speech twitter an american company has been ordered by a french court to reveal personal data of users posting and to sematic messages artie's may have a national examines the case to see if the concept of brief free speech should have different boundaries into from country. two democracies stumbling over the concept of freedom the french court has called on twitter to help censor hate speech on the website in france because it violates its laws the tweeter is an american company and the american constitution sets no limits to freedom of expression given that the french worked as we wired to do that the question is how can the french and force this judge those decision when the union of jewish students of france took the issue to paris court in october they wanted to stop a wave of anti semitic messages posted under the hashtag on both a good jew it was the third most popular tagged subject of the time the number of
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insulting jokes reach thousands but these people all of whom had at least once been attacked for being a jew also wanted to punish those responsible people. we don't want to prosecute or treat these people but just to draw the attention of the northeast to such cases to let them decide whether or not it's a case of racism. or when a special twitter agreed to remove offensive content but the authors were anonymous and punished so french jews brought the popular micro-blogging site to trial the court decision in january asked the company to divulge the names of people behind the tweets the fight against racism has nothing to do with the violation of freedom of expression it is an american concept and it cannot be applied in france in the way it is understood in the us we just wanted this part of our life to obey this country's legislation which prohibits public racism but not everyone agrees if
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freedom is limited they say it's no longer freedom jeremy of jewish origins himself is one of them he says greater liberty shouldn't bring more restrictions but a different approach to controlling the internet you have twitter a private company that may be acting as a judge. deciding what is legal and what is not and removing content which is censorship so i agree that this content should be combated but i don't agree that the private companies such as twitter should implement private or censorship of free speech online this is a major risk today this story has sparked road to discussion of the violations of freedom and privacy in france there are at least one hundred ninety pan-european laws allowing authorities access to internet users personal information caption web storage is and surveillance. china tomorrow although we are concerned that france the us britain and some other democratic governors are
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helping to produce internet surveillance technology for china syria or libya egypt . will if they allow the governments of these countries to use it against their people that there isn't any guarantee that france will not use it against its own people one day. but this dispute has gone far beyond the borders of the u.s. and france and any grieving to reached will affect all subsequent cases skeptics warn that france may be happy to let personal freedom slide. the liberty equality fraternity of france's most famous motto and three peers the country has been resting on since the french revolution and today they face new challenges with racism been one of them and it has many fear and whether both intolerance itself and the fight against it may see those hard fought principles swept aside. from paris. victory my taste sweeter
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but could smile even sweeter a palestinian company created for him named after the hamas rockets fired at israel in the latest gaza conflict some claiming it's the scent of victory that's in a few minutes. new year's celebrations on the move without the traditional t.v. face to food surprising meetings and new adventures stories of love and love lost our russians teach foreigners to celebrate them biggest holiday of the year from moscow st petersburg by train and you make the miracles. because no one.
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want to. give dunford or. i was fired i must fight. fight. fight right.
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we're watching our team that doesn't appear to be much c s a spirit in spain thousands of protesters have flooded the streets demonstrating against the government's plans to privatized public health care it's the first time cities outside the capital madrid have been engulfed by protests while the capital itself saw multiple groups venting their anger as workers from the loss making iberia airline stage a rally of their own hundreds of flights have been grounded as fluids pilot and other stop protests that gave the british planes parent company plans to exit around four thousand jobs political analyst the miguel untrue rather believe that
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spain's the social discontent is deeply rooted to. the waves of the work is so high yes seeds these magic that was affected between nigeria and we just say it was two years ago has favored massively reduce our ways not part from us but the fact is that it is true that. the leadership of these holding is mostly reaches back east and they have been unable to so you can find a compromise with the spanish were forced by land them but that's that's a way to use when we have seen in the last year was mostly sick totally of protests in health care or of education where jason said right now we're seeing a more generalized anger of the system not just of the government but of the whole political system and this has to do with the with the scandals of corruption which are now of very prominent in the spanish media people are very angry about vast and what we're seeing is so actually something very new in spain
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a very wide and deep drone test and that goes far beyond the state see all the problems caused by this that it. using her religion could mean the death penalty for an afghan girl back at home later this hour we have more on how the loyalty of the russian authorities prevented her from what appeared to be certain death. for the first time since of the second world war the us is not the largest importer and exporter of goods china has taken that mantle with questions being asked about why american call mrs seems to be swimming against the tide and she can take the closer look at how america's current education system can affect the economy of the future china has just surpassed the u.s. in trade according to u.s. intelligence by twenty thirty china will surpass the u.s. in the size of its economy as well the u.s. is still home to amazing innovations into knowledge but will it be able to maintain
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its experts are looking to schools for the answer to that question internationally fifteen year olds in the u.s. are ranked twenty fifth among peers from thirty four countries in math while china tops the chart harvard published a study titled globally challenge our u.s. students ready to compete it looks at how the results in math at school can affect nation's economic development they estimated that the results students in the u.s. showed today can cost the country seventy five trillion dollars over the next eighty years seventy five trillion dollars i spoke with professor eric from stanford university one of the authors of this study a leader in economic analysis of educational issues here's what he said this is a tremendous impact you can measure. on terms of g.d.p. and in a word in present value terms. over five tar the current g.d.p.
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of united states you're free could improve our schools over the next two directors i asked professor had. what's the main reason behind the poor results in math and us schools is it that the world's wealthiest nation doesn't spend enough on education he says money is not the reason this looks like it's largely an issue of the quality of the teachers in the classroom now there are so many issues about the curriculum and what's taught in the textbooks and so forth but what we've found is that the biggest influence on student achievement in our schools is the teacher in the classroom china now doubles down on science and technology at schools all the technological advancement there varies from region to region but the trend is there and it's strong judging by the initiatives put forward by president obama in his state of the union speech washington recognizes the urgency will reward schools to develop new partnerships with colleges and employers and create classes that focus
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on science technology engineering and rare the skills today's employers are looking for to fill the jobs that are there right now and will be there in the future for decades the u.s. has been a magnet for scientific genius from all over the world immigrants helped start prominent american tech companies like google yahoo intel and instagram the u.s. can still count on the steady inflow of talent from around the globe no doubt about that but experts say it does not alleviate the urgency of growing talents at home considering how much poor math results can cost the country in the future in washington i'm going to check out she could face the death penalty in her native afghanistan for converting from islam to christianity but now a young girl has been given the green light to stay in russia after as a refugee options she was disowned by have family for changing her believes.
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reports. gloria was born in afghanistan by me two thousand and eleven and she and her family arrived in russia in a small town in the prone region in search of a better life her father pleaded for asylum but it was denied because there was no evidence that either he or his family were threatened with political religious or ethnic persecution by afghan authorities that was when rule was real heart breaking story began while living in russia she started worshipping in local churches and last november converted from islam to christianity it was a friend of my brother who showed me. now i go to the local church i can still be allowed to stand with the priests are seeing i read the bible in arabic but i did it because everyone has a choice she says that for her father it was a betrayal here could not overcome her family flats leaving her behind quickly she
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realized she was old lone in an unknown country barely spoke the language and faced deportation but going back to have vanished down would mean as a queue sion for recounting islam under the country's shari'a based law of gunnison is one of the most hazardous countries in the world for christians in early two thousand and eleven a video was circulated showing to be having a christian convert. by the muslim taliban there are many more similar cases some christians are thankfully see agassi q after international pressure others are not so lucky it's a problem that's hard to quantify royle was already in a russian deportation center when she appealed to the authorities again it's given her the chance to start a new life and find a job and hopefully leave behind the threat of being killed for changing her
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beliefs. part of the meteorite that questioner is causing havoc in the russian urals have been found by a group of divers degree was discovered in a lake the side where initial reports suggested the landing happened the major exploded in the atmosphere on friday setting off a sonic boom which shattered windows and rocked buildings the impact of the blast was equal to about thirty irrational bombs the largest object to fall on earth in more than a century. let's have a look now at some international news in brief the international events exhibition showcasing military hardware has gotten underway in a. more than seventy defense ministers from across the world expected to attend the exception of five days of french and manufacturer has already announced sales from of the export more than of lauzon companies from dozens of countries will display the latest inland sea and equipment.
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protests have been held across pakistan calling for more protection for the shia minority demonstrators we flags chanted and held up signs calling for attacks against shia muslims to stop putting a dirty bomb which left wall than eighty people did the blast that took place in a marketplace in the northeastern city of quetta twenty people are still in critical condition. pope benedict the sixteenth has blessed tens of thousands of people in st peter's square and one of his a loss of appearances as head of the catholic church there were moments of panic as worshippers tried to leave through just cheered their exits left open by police the eighty five year old is the first pope to resign in six hundred years so you are with us for cross dog next hour where we look at his legacy and the divisions that continue to threaten the church. what was the hierarchy recovered up
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to sixty three years batch the problem to isn't it. and it's certainly yours and they have our guests are you ok i asked nancy jump in this is cross talk go ahead the council of bishops has been very firm and the hierarchy about these catholic nuns for taking. exactly the positions you're saying they should be taking and that i agree that they should be taking but it matters you seem to say that the road is a relative you know but some people would say some people say that the only thing there that creates a catholic church is the fact that we have a pope that we have these bishops and cardinals who get get behind closed doors and with a little puff of smoke they tell us really why duty is to be. a true face bearing catholic.
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both israel and hamas came there were big torreon and last year's gaza conflict but one palestinian company has taken by idea of the scent of victory quite literally creating a perfume named after a rocket artist policy or has the details. the french have the eiffel tower the brits big ben and now the gazans the only symbol of that might appear from bottle with the same type of victory and the perfumes always make a person remember good things after we won the last war on gaza the rocket at m. seventy five that was celebrated we are immortalized in it by naming this perfume after it and sales have reportedly rocketed excuse the pun for five years i haven't bought israeli products the moment a palestinian product comes on the market i don't hesitate to buy it but this is
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something special this is a symbol of our victory. in november as israel gaza war the m seventy five long range missile reached as far as television the first time in twenty years the city came under threat which is why its frequency is far from sweet to those living here i hope it doesn't smell like like a bomb but it's funny it's nonsense. the funny side of the thing. it's a good idea i wish all the. fields it's whether it's better to love than or should now i don't think it's funny to name a perfume after the rocket. actually i think it's sad but i think on both sides they're kind of warmongers unfortunately i mean this is the way the conflict is going on in iran on. thank you tel aviv is hitting back not to be outdone
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the government is celebrating its own nature to. the iron dome anti-missile defense system that's intercepted eighty seven percent of rockets fired from gaza and so this is the israeli symbolic response a state meddle with three interceptors fired from the over the tel aviv skyline with a state emblem and the biblical message i will shield the city to say that most of the medals have been bought by the company rafael that's behind the anti missile shield. as a thank you to its employees we are at the wharf symbols of perceptions we are at the war of media even here the media play the role of by diminishing the aggressiveness of the israeli response during the war because scenes televisions are today very very vividly part of any war as post-war symbolism cements each side's perceived triumph over the other it's only a matter of time before the decades long conflict erupts yet again into missiles in
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the skies policy r.t. television. coming up in a few minutes say authorities later special report stay with us for that. choose your language. call if we can we know if somebody else and especially some of. the concerns you. choose the opinions that invigorating to. choose the stories that impact the life choose the access to. olympos.
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